Thermal baths - Springs of Health

The use of water and air alternated on hot and cold temperature upon the human body was considered as a spring of health since ancient times. For a couple of years I had the fortune of visiting the best thermal baths in Europe and now I decide to make this enjoyment into a project that will bring value to everybody who is reading this page.

In early 2008 I will be launching the official website “Springs of health”, where you can find my review of all the places I have been visiting. Based on the information you will be able to make your best choice if you consider to visit a spa.

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The best thermal baths in Europe

I have assembled the choices for the top spas throughout Europe; however, I do not rank them. I selected spas considered to be the best of their type, be it a destination spa or resort spa, day spa, or mineral springs spa. What distinguishes them might be the program, the location, the design, or that indefinable look of happiness on people's faces as they leave. The following criteria were among the most important aspects:

• Design

• Experience

• Treatments

• Products

• Sense of Place

• Staffing

• Cuisine

• Cleanliness

• Facilities

• The Journey

I dedicate two-three pages for each spa on which I discuss what makes it outstanding and provide essential information such as:

• Spa Director

• Fitness Director

• Reservations Number

• Accommodations (# rooms, room styles & sizes, # guests)

• Meals (where provided, type of cuisine)

• Facilities

• Services & Special Programs

• Rates ($, €) and credit cards acceptance

• Best Spa Package

• Getting There (accessibility to transportation)

• What's Nearby

Best of all it has lots of pictures ...

Is this your first time in a SPA?

If that is your first time to a SPA resort, on the site you will find some very useful guidelines and information on how to best use the major type of facilities which you normally find in every thermal baths.

In most cases you may get directions from the people working there, but it is always important to know things like how are different ways you can cool down after various types of saunas, what water temperature combination to use before and after various type of facilities, when to rub your body with salt or to rest and many more.

It is not rocket science, and I will present it to you in such a way that you will understand the principle behind each action. The main concept is to go to such places to relax and enjoy at its best all the facilities and this sort of information is just meant to make sure you get 100% of the experience and surely you will be back on the wonderful land of thermal baths.

History of thermal baths

The work of the Springs of Health will not be completed if I will not provide some historical information about the thermal baths. To speak with any authority about the history of hot tubs, saunas, spas and baths, we must first look to ancient civilizations that carried out purification ceremonies and ancestral rites with water.

In Roman civilization, the establishment of thermal baths or spas, represented an important advance in the social process in addition to constituting a major source of health and relaxation. It was the place where tribute was paid to the body by purifying it in baths that alternated between cold and hot.

The practices should not be confused as having a hygienic function, but rather viewed as religious in nature. Water was considered wholesome - a symbol of purity and the immortality of the soul.

In many cultures (Egyptian, Jewish, Mesopotamian and Hindu), cleansing of the body was required as a symbolic act of purification prior to entering sacred places. Thus the ritual baths of the Hindus in the Ganges and the ablutions practiced by the ancient Egyptians in the Nile in order to purity themselves and to pay tribute to the dead, are well documented, and are the precursors to subsequent sauna, steam baths, and hot tub baths.

Finding out on the site detailed historical information can make anybody very receptive and respectful towards the natural healing power that thermal baths have upon the human body. The modern science comes to prove us what the ancient sages have said from thousands of years. The body and mind is one! If you relax your body the mind will follow. Going on regular basis on the spas is the simplest way to get a deep relaxation on yourself. After a while, you feel like you are reborn.

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