Water Polo

Water polo is a balletic dance between violence and finesse. It is a combination of endurance and strategy, individual struggle and team cohesion. The longest standing team sport in the Olympic Games, being introduced in Paris in 1900.

There is something about the feeling of cold water around the body. The beauty of nicely and elegantly catching the ball then rolling back with a slow swing and then just thrust it forward with a complete and long arm movement. The sound of the water around is just so relaxing for me.

The exertion is quite apart from the physical contact, both above and below the surface of the water that player must endure; despite this, the sport is almost totally devoid of injury from personal contact.

Through the use of subtle small tugs and pushes on an opposing player’s hips, thighs and arms, good players attempt to gain a small advantage, and also tire the opposition. All these influence the player’s position and ultimately the faith of game.

My contact with the sport was on an armature level. Until recently I was training as a hobby with KLZC team in Belgium. Though this sport is still close to my heart I ceased training and just continue swimming.